Artist x Emcee x Producer x Entrepreneur Owner and Creator of The Grind Mode Cypher. Est. 2006.


Lingo has collaborated with, and produced or LL Cool J, Beanie Sigel, Freeway, Styles P, Masta Ace, Chris Webby, Token, Apathy, Slaine, Diabolic and more.

Lingo is an artist who grew up in an unusually musically inclined family. The son of drummer David Fletcher and grandson of jazz saxophonist William Fletcher, Lingo was exposed to both classic rock and jazz at an early age. He soon began classical training in piano and would remain to perfect his play for seven years; until he gave it up to devote more of his time to sports. Although more well-rounded than most regarding his musical knowledge and taste, Lingo’s true love was always hip-hop.

Lingo had been listening to and influencing such artists as Rakim, Kool G Rap, KRS-One, Gangstarr, EPMD, and DITC for several years before he began experimenting with his own music. At 14, he began DJing with an old set of his father’s turntables and was instantly hooked. He immediately began updating his equipment and amassing an extraordinary collection of both old and new vinyl. Lingo’s interest in piano was rekindled around seventeen when he realized how invaluable such an instrument was to producing beats and soon began re-teaching himself. It was also around this time when he started making his own beats.

At 18, Lingo’s collection of instrumentals was finally put to good use, as he began playing them at parties and freestyling over them. During his senior year of high school, he started playing the piano and emceeing a jazz/hip-hop band. He wrote his first verse after graduation, and after that, he was unstoppable.

Lingo began hitting open mics all over Providence, Boston, and Connecticut and received a positive response wherever he rhymed. He soon began networking with all kinds of local promoters and producers. After starting at Bryant College, he hooked up with Mr Mortal and Basement Flavor. He started hosting open mics and Round Midnight.

Lingo travelled all over New England, leaving overmatched and under-skilled emcees humiliated in his wake. He became a HOT 106.3 Undefeated Hall-of-Fame champ. He pulled a Rocky Marciano by retiring as champion (after reigning for a year and a half). It was around this time in 2002 when Lingo was chosen as BET.coms unsigned hypes artist of the week.