GrindModeGenerals | Lingo – Trash DFUOB7


Finalist from DFUOB6, Lingo returns for his 3rd straight year to take the title.
fillmed by Crazy Nicole | edited by Lingo for Wiseguys Films


Posted on July 31, 2015, in Music Video. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Absolutely correct, hip-hop hypocrites, thanks to you and your movement for being the old soul warriors who care about real shit. I’ll see y’all around, no social media but in Provi or wherever y’all perform, the Northeast is keeping hip-hop alive! 402 to the 401 currently, peace.

  2. WOW, not one MC I have seen on Grind Mode has been nothing short of the best ive seen in who knows how long..Now im even a Long Beach CA rep CALI till the bitter end and even how some of ya dont really like the west I still give you all mad RESPECT I just hope onr day I could be on a cypher with Grind Mode keep it up you guys def arent getting the reconition you guys all DESERVE…Vandal LB CA

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