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When an album is called “Return of the High Five” it’s pretty clear that the artists could care less about the status-quo of what’s considered “cool”. The high five has never really been cool, we all have fond memories involving them, but all of those memories were made when we were too young to care about how awkward it really was to high five. In a way though, that freedom we had as children to let go and have unfiltered fun WAS pretty cool.

It’s also a great metaphor for this album. Rhode Island’s AD & Sbo, producer and emcee respectively, have created the perfect summer project. It’s full of bouncy yet soulful beats and lyrical content that ranges from braggadocio to narratives without ever taking itself too serious. Along with guests, AD and Sbo manage to maintain the same carefree vibe throughout; a feat rarely seen in hip hop any more.

This isn’t your typical posturing, just dope, fun hip hop music. If you’re with that; download it, burn it, and ride out while they bring the high five back.

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