NewEnglandHeat | Moroney Vs.Shizz Vicious | Shark Tank Battlegrounds

Sharktank Battlegrounds presents: Moroney vs Shizz Vicious!

This matchup is from the Shark Bait 2.5 event which took place April 22nd, 2012! This is an intense war between fan favorite Moroney from Quincy, Ma, and another fan favorite, Shizz Vicious from Roslindale, Ma, who recently had a 3 round classic match with Spade just a couple months ago! This match was setup and done on only 2 weeks notice and is a 1 round promo battle! Will Shizz Vicious street style and slick lyrics prevail? Or will Moroney’s freestyle ability and sharp wit overpower the battle?

Who did you think won? Please leave comments and feedback on the battle below or on twitter with the trending topic #MoroneyVsShizz


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