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Born and raised in Providence, RI. Sincere (Enrique Lopez) grew up in the Silver Lake section of Providence, RI. Coming up Sincere grew to the sounds of emcees such as Nas, Big Pun, Wu-Tang Clan, Mobb Deep & many others in Hip-Hop’s 90 era which he cites to be the era in Hip-Hop that mainly influenced his music. At the young age of 14 Sincere started emceeing and recording songs along with his cousin “Gread” who is also a local RI artist and the son of former Hot 106 DJ, “Eddie Santiago”. With his outspoken lyrics and anti-commercialism messages, Sincere attempts to make music that inspired him to become a emcee and bring back a focus on lyrics which has been ignored in recent years due to commercialism in the music industry. With his lyrical ability and inspirations, Sincere is truly one of RI’s emcees that is keeping Hip-Hop alive.


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